Teachers & Therapists

Heather Morris

A graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage’s class of 2011, Heather is generous, thoughtful and compassionate. She approaches each client with a calm, positive  attitude and her best healing intentions. She sees massage as an opportunity to reconnect with the body and facilitate awareness. From beginning to end, she evaluates and addresses any blockage or dysfunction. She wants every client to leave feeling better than when they arrived. Whether the goal is to alleviate pain, increase mobility, ease the mind or simply melt on the table, your needs will be listened to and addressed to the best of her capabilities. She understands the importance in finding a balance of work and the rest of life. She relaxes by listening to music and podcasts, going to concerts is the ideal outing. She loves spending time with her family, dining out with loved ones and traveling. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Heather, please book your appointment soon! 

Jana Benicka

Licensed Massage Therapist Originally from Slovakia, Jana graduated from the Cental Maryland School of Massage in Frederick, Maryland. She has a thorough background in science, with a master degree in Biochemistry accompanying her massage education. Currently she is a student of a Healing Touch program.This skill set allows her work to be intuitive, but also precise, deep, knowledgeable. Jana specializes in a holistic approach, concentrating on meeting the individual needs of her clients in each session. Depending on her client needs, she offers a wide range of approached, including Deep Tissue massage.

Mimi Ge

1. Describe yourself in three words: Dynamic, Compassionate, Nurturing
2. Why do you massage?: I find that healing touch from another human being is far more profound than any modern medical technology. my own scoliosis and body imbalance is being healed by healing touch and self help. And I want to use my knowledge to help those people who is carrying street physically . I believe mind, body, and spirit are all parallel with each other. And one thing helps the other in order to feel good all together!!
3.What inspires you?: Gravity!! Most of us never put gravity in equation of our everyday living. But haven’t you forgot that it is the most powerful energy thats all around us?It keeps us grounded but when we are sitting at the desk slouching, that;s also gravity. We are constantly fighting gravity but we don’t realize it. It’s our best friend and worst enemy at the same time. how funny is that?!…
4.Where did you get your training/certifications? I graduated from Central Maryland School of Massage. I specialize in Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Sports massage and Prenatal massage.

Rachel Kaufman

Rachel Kaufman is a Reiki and Reflexology, with over 15 years of healing experience. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Mahatma Reiki Practitioner, a certified Reflexologist, and has received certificates in the use of Essential Oils/ Aromatherapy. rachel is trained in the use of the Aqua Detox fOOT bath as well as the Amethyst Biomat, which can be incorporated into any healing session. in addition, Rachlk has studied basic Shamanic healing techniques, as well as the Seva Stress Release method ( acupressure for stress release). During healing session, her intention is to provide a safe space for clients to relax, re-balance and heal. Rachel is known among her peers and regular clients to be warmhearted, caring and an intuitive healer. She encourages clients to listen and trust their bodies and intuition, and offers suggestions for self-care and healing at home when requested.

Alex Pierre-Louis

Alex is a Reiki Master Teacher, meaning she has mastered Reiki and is able to teach others. Her healing modality is Usui/ Holy Fire ll Reiki and has helped clients heal since 2013. She’s always had the inner desire to help people, but didn’t quite figure it out until she was ill and tried Reiki for the first time. She found the experience to be helpful and profound and later learned that she was a healer. She couldn’t ignore her calling and took classes to further her training.  After completing her courses, she furthered her training by becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. She quit her job in property management and fully committed in helping those in need. Providing exceptional service with her calm and kind demeanor, she is able to provide her clients the space to heal their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. It is her personal mission to assist her clients in their healing journey and show that anything is possible with the right attitude.

Erica Robinson

Native New Yorker Erica Robinson is the founder of Asali Yoga  LLC and the creator of Asali Flow Method. Erica has had a passion for motion, mind and spirit since she was a young child. Previously trained in dance with Alvin Ailey Dance Center, and Howard University, she explored her love of movement and discovered the magnificent benefits of Yoga and Pilates. In addition to her BS in psychology from Howard University, and MA in education from Sarah Lawrence College, she received her Hatha/Vinyasa yoga certifications from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center and her Pilates Mat certification from the Kane School of Core Integration.  Erica also studied with excellent teachers at Jivamukti Yoga Center, and Kula Yoga Project in NYC. Erica taught Yoga & Pilates for the best fitness centers throughout Manhattan including Equinox and Crunch.  Erica loves finding ways to make life beautiful through various art forms including epicure and gardening, and hosts blissful and rejuvenating yoga retreats.  She also has an aromatics company, Asali Aromatics, which offers delightful artisan honey soaps & body oils with nature’s aromatics. Only using natural ingredients, premium essential oils & absolutes while omitting all synthetics, the line is dedicated to sustainable methods.

Dianne Faure

Dianne has been involved in body and energy work for more than a decade. Originally trained in Reflexology, Acupressure and Healing Touch, Dianne went onto become a Reiki Master and Clinical Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. She studied Massage at the Central Maryland School of Massage and is a licensed Massage Therapists in Maryland. Employing her many healing tools, Dianne’s focus is on stress and pain reduction through the art and science of Massage Therapy.

Denise Dorfman

Denise is a Certified Reiki Master with a proven record of healing others with Reiki energy. She is also the author of “Speak Your Truth: How you can recover from Lupus” She healed herself of lupus in 2002 and is inspired to help others heal as well. She feels blessed that she is a conduit for healing others. You will find many positive testimonials from happy clients on Denise’s website. Please visit ReikiToGoLLC.com to learn more.

Janine Nayaruda

Owner, R.M.P., N.C.T.M.B Born in South Africa, and with many years of International Massage Therapy experience, Janine studied Massage in Austria & Germanty. Her bodywork is attentive and precise. Janine is a Maryland State Registered massage Practioner, Licensed with the National Board of Massage Therapy Practioners & also a member of AMTA. Ha started Massage Metta in Bethesda, MD late last year with the intention of providing a bodywork session that will meet the needs of Stay at Home Moms to Weekend Warriors & Professional Athletes alike. She truly practices the Metta Philosophy by treating all beings with Loving Kindness. Janine lives in Potomac Maryland with her husband & their lazy dogs, Chowka & Tequila.