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Salt therapy has been used for eons and has always been thought to help in alleviating all sorts of ailments. Step into our cave and learn about the different aspects of Himalayan Salt. Allow the negatively ionized salty air to gently soothe your skin and upper respiratory system.

Life as we know it cannot exist without salt!

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Story of the Salt Cave

Globally, we are increasingly exposed to pollutants in the air we breathe, the food we consume, and the water we drink. It is no surprise that over the last decade there has been a drastic increase in respiratory and skin issues, such as asthma and allergies. Many other health problems, including breathing difficulties, heart and metabolic disturbances, skin rashes, depression and countless other modern ailments have become so prevalent they are almost considered common.

The Secret of Salt Therapy is Simple

Bethesda Salt Cave is lined from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with sparkling Himalayan salt crystals. The room temperature is kept at 68-70 degrees Farenheit, the ideal temperature to generate a negative ionic charge in the salt crystals, which is then released into the air. By relaxing in this meditative space and inhaling the salty air, we activate our body’s own natural healing processes: our skin and internal systems.

A definite WOW experience!!! I visited the Salt Caves yesterday with my daughter and 2 friends. We booked a group energy clearing with the beautiful spirited Terrie Christine, whom we had met at a prior Illumination Event. My daughter wanted to connect with her intuitive and healing gifts and abilities and we had our session with her in the caves!
My wife and I visited the Cave after a convention that was at a nearby hotel. We learned of salt caves while in Virginia when a friend of ours told us about this one. I'm gonna keep this short and to the point.
GO !!!!!!!!!
What a serene sanctuary! Words can't describe the experience. This is a MUST for everyone especially women who are so used to serving everyone but themselves.
Holistic pause from the daily rush of life. A lovely space, filled with kind owners and staff who have curated an oasis of self-care in the heart of a busy, metropolitan city. I've always experienced the best sleep of my life after a salt cave session.
Mimi is masterful. I began seeing her on the recommendation of my chiropractor, Dr. Dorothy Dalton, after a year that included five knee surgeries due to nosocomial infection. She works wonders with knots and bumps and issues. Can not recommend her more highly!
The essential oils and aromatherapy were delightful. It seemed as though I floated home. Thank you Heather.
My sister and I came in today for massages and the salt room..we were greatly impressed and cannot wait to go again. I actually fell asleep In The salt cave...that is amazing!! Thank you for taking such great care of us!!
Making time to meditate with the mantra, ‘Be Still and know’. Unconsciously. Unconditionally loving ones’ self and the people around you. This place was perfect to pause from our prancing/dancing/running of life. Make time to take your moment and visit this salt cave.
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