Tiffani Pelleter-Bacquaert

CST – Lead Therapist

Tiffani has been a massage therapist dedicated to health and wellness for over 20 years. She has experienced and treated many health challenges that have inspired a passion for a lifestyle committed to wellness. Although the foundation of her work is deep myofascial therapy, for the past several years she has been studying Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation (Upledger Institute) as well as Osteopathic friction (Ben Benjamin). Also, since 2008, she has been a certified yoga teacher, adding mediation shortly after.

Currently her journey into authentically serving as a healing presence for others has led her to MUIH, the alternative medicine sister university of Georgetown Medical School, where she is nearly finished obtaining a Masters in Health and Wellness Coaching specializing in nutrition. Her foundational therapy involves deep, slow gliding strokes along the trajectory of the inherent postural orientation of the individual, which encourages the body to remember its natural disposition. This therapy opens the body to proper circulation and efficient movement, and, in her experience, is generally what people are looking for when they want deep tissue massage and pain relief. She also offers a 10 session protocol of Structural Integration, which is intended to completely reorient the body’s relationship to gravity as well as Cranial Sacral Therapy which restores the body/mind/spirit to harmony and balance through re-establishing proper fluid distribution throughout the body with gentle touch and intuitive dialogue which frees up the energetic blockages that cause pain and misalignment.



Mimi Ge

LMT (Massage Therapist)

Mimi Ge is from China. She was influenced by eastern medicine and natural healing since she was young. She’s inspired by the healing benefits that comes from the touch from one human being to another.
This was the start of her massage career. She graduated from Central Maryland School of Massage and specializes in Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Sports Massage and Prenatal Massage.
While she’s being challenged with her own body imbalance. She was trying every possible method to help herself. And natural healing had made major improvements. For the last ten years she has had many life changing experiences. She realizes that gravity is in equation of our everyday living. It keeps us grounded and yet makes us slouch at the desk. She would like to use all that she has learned to help people with muscle tension and bring more balance to their lives. She believes the mind, body and spirit are all parallel and supports one other.



Heather Morris

LMT (Massage Therapist)

A graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage’s class of 2011, Heather is generous, thoughtful and compassionate. She approaches each client with a calm, positive attitude and her best healing intentions. She sees massage as an opportunity to reconnect with the body and facilitate awareness. From beginning to end, she evaluates and addresses any blockage or dysfunction. She wants every client to leave feeling better than when they arrived. Whether the goal is to alleviate pain, increase mobility, ease the mind or simply melt on the table, your needs will be listened to and addressed to the best of her capabilities. She understands the importance in finding a balance of work and the rest of life. She relaxes by listening to music and podcasts, going to concerts is the ideal outing. She loves spending time with her family, dining out with loved ones and traveling. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Heather, please book your appointment soon!