Cryoskin Therapy - The Non-Surgical Approach

Cryoskin Therapy is a Non-Surgical Approach to Body Sculpting, Slimming & Toning

Are you looking for a painless way to reduce stubborn fat deposits fast & effectively?
Would you like tighter, smoother skin on your body, face & neck?
What if you could have all of this without surgery, pain free with absolutely no

Cryotherapy has been proven to without a doubt, safely & painlessly tighten skin, inducing fat loss with permanent inch loss & cellulite reduction, while at the same time promoting immediate skin tightening, antiaging effects with collagen & elastin production anywhere & everywhere on the body.
It is a very effective protocol used to treat the face & double chin area. Cryoskin results in immediately lifting the cheeks, jowls, & remarkably lifts, tones & sculpts the face & substantially reduces facial wrinkles.

These anti-aging effects continue even after your treatments are completed.

If you have been considering Cool-sculpting, liposuction or plastic surgery but do not want the discomfort & dangerous side effects, Cryoskin may be the answer! Treatment results are visible & measurable after one session.


How does

Cryo-Skin Therapy work?


At the Bethesda Salt Cave our team of professionals use a number of ways in which we apply Cryo-skin therapy. We either do Cryo-Skin Toning, Cryo-Skin Slimming or Cryo-therapy for pain & inflammation. Let us for the purpose of sculpting, slimming & toning focus on the inch loss that comes from fibrous cellular waste removal.Cellular waste hangs out everywhere on our entire body. Period. The older we get the more our hormones slow down, our bodies natural rhythm & ability to target weightless diminishes.

When our bodies systems slow down, our fat cells become laden with toxins, becoming hard & fibrous. The body works very hard to get rid of the excess “stuff” clogging our cells but eventually it just starts representing itself as adipose tissue which collects in some very irritating & sometimes hard to exercise away areas.

It doesn’t matter why you get fat, or why hard cellular waste collected in these areas. Life happens, & here we are!!!

The fat is its just there. If you have healthy eating habits, walk daily, hydrate enough & you notice that you just cannot shed the inches, then maybe Cryo-therapy is for you.

Cryo-Skin therapy targets very specific areas, destroying fat cells contents to such an extent that the dead fat cell is eventually dumped into the lymphatic system where the body excretes it.

Cryoskin is an advanced fat loss & skin tightening treatment. It is ideal for both women & men with stubborn fat deposits which remain visible even when you are at your ideal weight.

A short, private phone consultation is necessary to make sure Cryoskin anti-aging treatments are right for you.


Medical contraindications

  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Have active cancer
  • Have scleroderma or a connective tissue disorder
  • Have metal implants in the area to be treated
  • Have serious vascular, heart, kidney, or liver diseases
  • Have Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • Have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Allergy to Cold Temperatures
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Insulin pumps disallow abdominal treatment, but other areas can be safely treated

Our Cryoskin professionals will review your health history to ensure Cryoskin is safe & appropriate for you.