Ellen Spadaro

Ellen’s calling as a bodyworker came when her mom suffered from a stroke and was left paralyzed. Her passion and determination to balance the body is a talent. She deals with clients who have medical conditions and those who have physical challenges. She adapts well to different clients and a keen manner in putting clients at ease, while doing very specific as well as very focused work. As a intuitive bodyworker, she knows how to map out Myo-Fascial triggers to find exactly what is causing pain and discomfort. She has extensive experience in Ayurvedic massage, as well as Chinese meridian work, while still fully taking joy in providing everything from scrubs, wraps, foot treatments, aromatherapy and reflexology. Experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, or a pain in the neck:-) are you pregnant or just need a relaxing massage? We think you just found the right therapist for you.