Welcome to the Bethesda Salt Cave and the Group Energy Clearing with Terrie Christine.There are a lot of people experiencing a spiritual evolution which is becoming a part of a shift in their awareness. More and more are opening up to natural and holistic methods for living and caring for their own bodies.Within this shift, people are realizing the healing effects of salt caves in conjunction with energy clearings. Having two modalities at the same time is very synergistic and provides a deeper cleansing on all levels and in turn, creating a balance for your mind, body and soul.

Did you know that natural pink Himalayan salt is full of negative ions These negative ions promote a more calming and peaceful state that can help encourage your subconscious mind to resist less in releasing energetic blocks that are holding you back from obtaining what you want in life and what you desire. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I connect to the collective consciousness of the group, I energetically move the force within the space along with the energy in your physical body all while expressing energy statements that are pertaining to the blocks I pick up. With the salt from the room and my gifts, those blocks are shifted from your subconscious forever.When the session begins, you start with setting your intent. By setting your, this allows your thoughts to become part of the collective consciousness. Once your intent is set, you will walk through a guided technique of expanding your energy. This method takes you from where you are to an infinite being state.
At this point, Terrie connects to the energy of the room and begins to shift the power of the conscious and subconscious. If time allows, she will walk to each individual to connect into their energy and shift anyone individually and collectively.This incident is life changing. Once you leave, become aware of the experiences around you. Things that you call coincidences may occur. Please join us in this experience in eliminating what is holding you back from living your life in happiness, in abundance and in love.

Terrie Christine

Life Coach Aromatherapy

As an Internationally known Intuitive Life Coach and Author of The Secret Power of You, Terrie Christine has mastered the ability to access her own intuition. This allows her to fully envision the struggle, hurt, fears and anxiety you are currently going through.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Terrie found herself struggling with relationships until she experienced a spiritual epiphany at the end of a 14 year relationship. This moment in time catapulted her into her spiritual journey. The past 11+ years has allowed Terrie to hone her skills as an energy worker to provide the results you are looking for.

Terrie helps you change your life by facilitating the access of your own intuition.  She has the ability to ease you in the release of the pain from the past, realize more clarity in your future, obtain a feeling that life is easy or even improve the income you want.

Rather than focusing on traditional elements of life, such as goal-setting, habits, and skills, Terrie integrates spiritual principles as well. By assessing your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, she helps you release the blockages that keep you from moving forward.


Terrie naturally works with the energy you hold to resolve your deepest issues.  Her intuition is used to sense your blockages and help you eliminate the source of your pain. She then assists you by guiding you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the life you want to live. By healing these past issues and altering your consciousness, you can open yourself up to love and the abundance of opportunities that life has to offer.  Terrie offers to clients Group Energy Clearing; One on One Intuitive Energy Healing, Raindrop Technique Therapy, and Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT)




One on One Intuitive Energy Healing:  This hands on session connects deeply into the energy stored in the physical body.  By utilizing 11 years of intuitive practice, you receive answers to the ever elusive limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious along with the energy forces shifting out core embedded emotional blocks keeping you in turmoil, resentment, frustration, lack, physical, and emotional pain, trauma from the past and much more. Without you knowing, your subconscious runs your conscious life and you live and respond based on hundreds of limiting beliefs you chose as a child.  Experience for yourself the power of energy healing to help release your internal struggles.


$295PP – 60 minute single session



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