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Every year, I pick a word that I focus on for my year. In the past, I've chosen words such as "happiness", "trust" or "success". It is always hard just to choose just one word, but when I do, & when I really focus, then I find the word that relates.

This year, my word is ALIGNMENT.

I have chosen alignment because it is my intention to shut out the noise from the world & go within to find my answers. When I do this, I can hear myself, I can hear divine wisdom, & I can be ultra confident with my choices.

2022 was a really interesting year. Yes there is no other way of saying this actually!!!

If you know my story, then you know I built our salt cave after becoming severely ill, 9 years ago.

Realizing that Western medicine was not the cure, I had to delve deeper to find what healed me. I knew I had to slow down for my own health, to recover & strengthen myself. In a way my y calling found me!!!

9 years later, & you won't believe how many guests, life students, healers, clients & guests have found their way through my humble doors. Almost 95,000 visits to our practice have been recorded, for facials, massages, energy healing, classes & workshops and salt Halotherapy healing sessions.

This has proven to me, once again, that The Universe is always on your side when you listen to your calling.

So going into 2023, I want to be in ALIGNMENT with my purpose.

The beginning of my journey was scary. Over the years, my clients, became my friends, & they have shown me that being committed to my calling was not wasting my time.

There are so many new & exciting things going on for 2023 and I can't wait to share them with you.

Here are some hints:

Full Moon Tea Ceremonies & Sound Bowl Concerts in our Salt Cave, the best Facials & Spa Packages that will pamper & heal you inside & out, New Medical & Clinical Massage Protocols to help you get the most out of your massage therapy, Classes to teach you how to buy & use Natures Medicine (Essential OIls) but,

the BIGGEST thing is going to be an alliance between us, for us to collaboratively improve our mental health & wellbeing, along with raising our own inner vibrational energy, so that we can improve ourselves beyond the physical world that we live in.


What is your word & why is it important to you?

Take some time to journal & brainstorm about how you want your 2023 to be. Just dare to imagine, Visualize it & make it happen.

I look forward to seeing you around & supporting you on your healing journey.

From my family to yours.......

Here's to a 2023 that will blow your socks off & have you skidding sideways into bed every night with a full & happy heart 🙂

General Responsibilities:

  • Manage the daily operations of the front desk.
  • Co-ordinate guest and team member schedules efficiently and effectively to maximize bookings.
  • Maximize inventory for professional and retail use.
  • Understand our software systems and utilize tools to analyze the spa’s overall performance.
  • Ensures each guest has a phenomenal and consistent experience and
  • Understand that serving and helping others leads to personal satisfaction.

Essential Job Functions:

  • You will report directly to the Owner.
  • Individually & through the management of others keep the spa running at optimal levels.
  • Must be organized, dependable, a good trouble-shooter, and be able to resolve all issues.
  • Needs complete knowledge of all protocols, procedures, and processes.
  • Must be comfortable delegating and providing direction.
  • Responsible for moving retail and cross-selling the services of the spa.
  • Must be relied upon to open and/or close the spa as required.

Requirements: A minimum of 1 year of similar work experience in a similar capacity. Experience in guest relations is essential.

Skills: Administrative, computer, organizational, communication, retailing, and training.

The position is a full time position &
includes two full Saturday /Sunday weekends per month.

We offer: Paid Holiday & Sick Leave Benefits

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