Mel Mc Kinney

Mel is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) and certified in crystal alchemy sound healing, training with master sound healer Jeralyn Glass. Mel completed Level 1 training Feb 2022 and will join the cohort in June 2023 for Level 2 training in crystal alchemy sound healing.

Mel’s crystal singing bowls are Crystal Tones brand, the highest quality crystal singing bowls on the market, made with the highest grade quartz crystal (99.99% pure) and are infused with earth elements (which is why they’re called alchemy bowls).

Mel’s bowl set consists of seven crystal alchemy singing bowls built on the perfect 4th/5th music intervals which allow for multiple harmonic and binaural sounds to be played, which promote balance and deep relaxation of the mind and body.

- 9” Tibetan quartz and copper, tuned to C#, 528Hz
- 9” Salt, tuned to A#, 528Hz
- 8” Charcoal, tuned to D#, 528Hz
- 7” 18k gold, tuned to F#, 528Hz
- 7” Rose quartz and gold, tuned to F, 440Hz (practitioner’s bowl)
- 7” Iron oxide, tuned to G#, 440Hz
- 6” Iron oxide, tuned to A#, 440Hz

Mel has played virtual and in-person sound baths since gaining sound healing certification, and regularly plays sound baths and leads sound bath workshops throughout the DMV. Most notably, she has played five in-person sound baths at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. where close to 200 people participated.

Mel’s sound baths are unique not only because of her crystal singing bowls, but because she uses her own vocals during parts of the sound bath. Her voice harmonizes beautifully with the bowls and promotes the deep relaxation and healing that her sound baths are known for.