Michelle Mirpour

Meet Michelle our Clutter to Calm Specialist and a amazing Intuitive Energy Healer. Her background in corporate IT helped her find her road to the alternative wellness industry. She now specializes in helping clients see the direct correlation between getting rid of physical & digital clutter by clearing their lives of the mental and emotional clutter that is keeping them stuck.

At The Bethesda Salt cave, Michelle offers in person Intuitive Energy Healing (one on one as well as group energy clearing classes & workshops in our cave), as well as Reiki and Plant Medicine guidance through the use of essential oils.

Her transformational work uses her signature programs allowing you to “Declutter Your Life from the Inside Out”, and to “Declutter Your Path to Passion & Purpose”. She has also created the “Digital Entrepreneurs Freedom Lifestyle Launch Pad” program.

Michelle offers signature and customized seminars, workshops, demos and retreats for her corporate and private clients as well.

You can learn more about Michelle and find links to these on her website:

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