What is the time limit of a Salt Cave Halo Therapy Session?
  • A salt inhalation (halotherapy) treatment session is 45 minutes long. Sessions start at the top of the hour, on the hour every hour, starting at 10 am.
What is the Cost?
  • Adult Single Session - $35 per person.
  • Children ages 1-7 - free, as long as they are accompanied with a full-paying adult.
  • Children ages 8-16 - $15 per child.
  • Parents with gift certificates or discount vouchers pay $15 per child (any age).
I am bringing my child, What do I need to know?
  • Wear regular, comfortable clothing and please bring clean socks to wear in the cave for both adults and children.
  • No electronics, cellphones, laptops, or devices of any sort whatsoever are allowed in the cave.
  • Children ages 10 and under are NOT ALLOWED IN A REGULAR ADULT SESSION. Please ask for our MOMMY & ME session.
  • It is our policy that all lights have to be kept on and the cave has to be lit well when small children are in the cave.
  • We ask that you keep your children quiet and remain with them at all times. Spa services are always ongoing.
  • It is not the responsibility of Bethesda Salt Cave & Spa staff to manage your children or keep them entertained. Bring books, buckets and beach toys to keep them busy.
  • Please do not allow your children to throw or eat the salt, climb the salt walls, or play/stand on the reclining chairs.
  • You are responsible for your child’s belongings. We will provide you with a basket or locker to store any loose items. We accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any personal items.
  • If your child should break any item in the store, you will be considered liable and payment in full will be expected.
Why are there cameras in the Spa as well as the Cave?

As many sessions are public, we felt it our obligation that prevention is better than cure.

Cameras deter bad behavior, and we are of the opinion that cameras are in the best interests of our clients' safety.

All cameras are covered when private, class, and workshop sessions are held and the voice recording is switched off.


Your Treatment

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