Sarah Lawson

Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist Massage Therapist Intuitive Energy Life Coach Laughter Yoga Teacher

Now offering Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy, If you're feeling like you need a vacation, but can't get anywhere - Craniosacral Therapy has the ability to transcend time and make you feel like you've had hours of deep, rejuvenating rest. For pregnant Mamas, BCST is amazing for building confidence during your birth journey, relieving "hard to get to" aches and pains, and supporting you and the baby, creating ease in the body. Summer is a great time to feel resourced, alive and connected - let the magic of craniosacral therapy help you get there. BCST is also excellent for stress, anxiety, chronic issues that haven't gone away with other therapies, sleep irregularities/ disorders, TMJ, and more. It works deeply with the nervous system creating balance and optimal functionality for the whole body systems.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle way of working with the body, mind and spirit using light touch. It is a soothing and profound style of treatment. Its non-invasive nature allows the nervous system to relax deeply, allowing the body’s natural healing abilities to take over. Treatments are done on a massage table where clients are fully clothed; the practitioner places their hands lightly on different areas of the body like the head and feet. Craniosacral is a unique therapy focused on supporting the health of the whole being and inviting all systems to function optimally at its own pace.

Craniosacral Therapy is excellent for:

When nothing else works
Stress - Anxiety - Overwhelm - Depression
Chronic issues, ailments, pains
Pregnancy - Babies
TMJ - Spinal Compression - Structural Alignment Issues
Sleep disorders, difficulty - Travel Fatigue - Vertigo
Migraines - Headaches - Nerve Pain
Enhancing your Spiritual and Meditation Practices
Integrating and Processing Life

Craniosacral is the ultimate “me time”, inviting you to relax deeply, and letting the magic of healing happen.