Category Bethesda Salt Cave

Held on Saturdays at 6pm, sound bowl concerts in the salt cave are led by Janine Narayadu, Bethesda Salt Cave Owner. These sound bowl events offer a therapeutic experience filled with soft subtle tones that will relax you into a deep meditative state where you can let go of stress and increase the feeling of well-being. Janine plays a changing combination of sound bowls, fen gong, chimes, kalimba, and monochord.

Sound Concert & Meditation FAQ

Are the concerts and instruments always the same?
No, you can expect variations in sound and/or flow.

Is this the same as Sound Healing?
This is relaxation. Sometimes guests report a healing has occurred, but in order to keep things light and easy, we prefer to think of it as a bonus.

Will we sit or lie down / Do I need to bring a cushion?
Most guests relax on the floor in the front, or against the walls and in chairs at the back of the room. You’re welcome to bring your favorite cushion, back-jack, and/or blanket.

What kind of “meditation” is it?
It’s a free-form and unguided soundscape, unless otherwise noted in the event details.  No experience required.

Is there any required talking or sharing afterwards?
You’re free to maintain your silence.  If there is a specific sharing time set aside, it will be announced in the event description.